10 March 2013


So here's the thing.  You're with me all the time.  We commute together to and fro work/daycare 5 days a week.  It's you and me on the weekends, running errands, arranging play dates, etc especially when Daddy is working.  So yeah, we spend a lot of time together.  And sometimes I lament how I never have any time to myself.  Except maybe the occasional solo trip to Target or the grocery store.  

But this weekend offered that and more.  A whole weekend away from you because you spent it with Grammie and Grampie.  They came to your tumbling class and took you home from there. Daddy had to work so I had the entire Saturday to myself.  I took a little me-time to go to my favorite Portland indulgence, Soak, have lunch with a friend, and finally watch the end to the Twilight saga on Netflix.

Then it was 7pm.  Grammie had been emailing me all day with updates on how you were but worried that if I called to say goodnight, you'd want to leave.  So I didn't.  Instead, I wandered around the house, took the dog out, rearranged this, straightened out that.  But there it was.  Me missing you.  Feeling lonely.  Missing getting you ready for bed, reading a story, tucking you in.  It was too quiet in the house.  Nope, this wasn't the first time you've been away from us, but for some reason I really missed you. Really.  

It was the weekend to 'spring' forward, losing a precious hour of sleep.  So I did the only thing I could when feeling like I was.  I went to bed ridiculously early, but justified it with the knowledge that it was actually an hour later than what my clock currently read. 

Today, Sunday, came.  We slept in.  That was nice.  Gabby let out a bark in the early morning hours and I shushed her quickly afraid she'd wake you.  Then I remembered you weren't in your room.  Grammie sent more updates with how well you slept, the fantastic breakfast you ate, and everything you were doing.  Clearly, you were not missing us.  

So Daddy and I made our way to Portland for brunch, enjoyed a gorgeous day walking around the city we don't spend much time in anymore, and then finally decided it was time to make our way south to G and G's house.  When we got there, you were zonked out in Grampie's favorite chair.  (You refuse to take normal naps there, but somehow fall asleep in his chair.)  

While you were sleeping, G&G regaled us with your funny antics from the past day and a half.  You clearly love going there and they LOVE having you.  Grammie cooked a fantastic early St. Patrick's dinner, and you even tried and liked the cornbeef.  

Eventually, we made our way home, back to the familiar routine, and now you're snuggled in your nest, with Monday morning closing in.  

There will be many more sleepovers at their house, and eventually with friends, and then someday you'll get on a bus and won't be commuting with me anymore.  Then you'll be staying out late, and if you're anything like me, you'll be sometimes moody. Maybe you won't want to willingly come up to me, arms outstretched and say "Hug!" like you do now, and you'll roll your eyes when I squeeze you and tell you how you'll always be my baby and how much I love you. 

For now, though, I'll relish in having you with me on our daily jaunts.  I'll see through the erratic tantrum and just enjoy the time we have.  You're only this age once. And I'll always be missing you.  

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