20 April 2011

Time is flying~

Ack.  I've gone way too long without an update. So my grand plan of keeping this thing up to date and filled with pictures, anecdotes, cute stories, etc. seems to have gone by the wayside. 

What can I say? We are exactly two weeks away from the boy turning one year old. We are planning his birthday party--a small gathering of family and a few close friends. Meanwhile, he continues to be a rascal. The latest tricks---standing up in his crib, giving what look to be one man show's to his stuffed animals. You know, the soliloquies that all babies do when they realize their own growing independence! He's a mover and a shaker, that's for sure. And a rascal.  His favorite thing to do is a mad-dash crawl to the kitchen, aiming straight for Gabby's water bowl, and tip it over, filled or not. Sometimes I'm quick to catch him, other times...Did I mention he's a rascal?

Last night he made it to the front door, stood up, with one sock in his hand, and the other who knows where, with the food bowl next to him, looking as if he's planning the next great escape. Oh the adventures continue!

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  1. You go with your big bad blog, girl. I love the pics, your words and you. :)