29 December 2016

Christmas: That's a wrap.

The wrapping is done, the opening has happened.  Now there's just traces of ribbons, bags, paper, and tags littering floors, and bursting from trashcans.  We're on vacation this week and so far we've spent the day after Christmas in our pj's, playing, relaxing, and trying to get over colds that we've all come down with.  

Every year, Christmas gets a little more magical.  Garrett, you're at the age where the wonder and thrill of it all is heightened simply by the little things.  And with the wonders of technology and the genius of many, we're able to pull that off for you in many ways. Madeleine, at 21 months, while with no awareness of Santa yet, seemed to understand the concept of opening and enjoying presents, which made it fun to watch.

Getting the perfect sibling picture in front of the tree proved a little challenging...we got there eventually.

Christmas morning...up at 5:45...you were that is...Mads woke up at 6:30...by then coffee was made and we were ready.

Then on to grandmother's house we go...reunited with your cousins, your aunt and uncle, and what fun it was!

And so another Christmas, come and gone...one of the best ones yet...filled with laughter, love, family, and joy.  In a few short days, 2016 will come to a close and 2017 will bring so many unknowns.  This holiday season, I chose to immerse myself in the delights and wonders of the season because I see it through yours and Madeleine's young innocence...to see your joy at the simplest things gives me hope in an otherwise dark and tumultuous time.  We've spent the days of our holiday vacation simply 'being'.  Days in pajamas...playing, baking, lounging, watching movies, and just being together.  That's what the holiday season is really all about.  When the chaos calms and the wrappings are put away and the toys are silenced, it's about us. Being and together. 

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