22 May 2016

Now We Are Six.

Ah, May, so filled with many birthdays, so many celebrations--when it finally does come to an end, there's a little bit of sweet relief. As you get older, the celebration of your birth gets more fun as you now truly understand and look forward to your big day. 

May the 4th...I probably say it every year, but it's sort of amazing that this was the day you were born on, given Daddy's affinity (obsession) with Star Wars.  This year you learned "May the 4th be with you..."  Oh how it cracked you up.

SO!  On your big day, a Wednesday, you had school.  Gone are the days of bringing cupcakes for the class...although we did sneak a box of munchkins for you to share with everyone.  You also chose extra recess for everyone, which I think was probably a big hit. That night, we had burgers for supper--your choice, and since we had already had some cake for Daddy's birthday, it was ice cream cake for you (complete with a brain freeze)!  Then of course it was present time, and the thing you wanted most was the Kylo Ren figure...Auntie Tanya scored big points with that one. 

And of course, who could forget our now annual Birthday Interview, as written by how you answered:  See last year's to compare here.

Then there was your kid party.  Since your big day falls in such an unpredictable weather month, I err on the side of caution and like to have your birthday parties indoors.  You just never know.  Last year, you didn't seem to miss that you had no kid party because, well, I just didn't have it in me to plan a party with a two month old.  I'll blame sleep deprivation.  So this year, I wanted to make it up to you, and now you have a new crop of friends from school to include.  The end result was a movie themed party at the Eveningstar Cinema in Brunswick.

Your party favors were these fun movie-popcorn containers filled with all kinds of little goodies.  So many of your pals showed up---pals from day one, pals from daycare, pals from preschool, and pals from your current class.  We watched The Jungle Book, ate popcorn, spilled popcorn, and had an Avenger cake.  I think you had a pretty awesome day.

Bring on the mosh pit of present-opening. I love how little kids crowd around each other. It's like a impenetrable force of curiosity. 

And now a brief interruption to insert some photos of your sister, because she was a total trooper during this whole morning of tball and birthday party and well, she's just so cute!

And then finally, to wrap it all up (ha!), the next weekend, we headed south to Grammie and Grampie's to celebrate not only your day, but Grampie's as well. Yes, May is so so busy.

So there it is.  May came in with a whooosh and is heading out that way too.  And in between all these celebrations has been t-ball, your kindergarten concert (funniest night ever!), and just every day life during springtime in Maine.  Happy 6th Birthday to you, sweet Boo...We love you SO much.


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