06 December 2015

Fall recap.

One thing's for certain...being a mom of two definitely has its time management challenges, in that I have so many good intentions to get to these posts, and then sleep wins. Every.time.  However, I don't want to do a disservice to what I started, especially in keeping these missives as a chronicle for you, Garrett, and now Madeleine...but there just isn't enough time during the day. I started this before Thanksgiving! And now we're on to all things Christmassy.  Time to get moving. 

So this is going to be one of those posts that is said through pictures...because honestly, I'm really good at taking A LOT of those.   We had a pretty spectacular fall in the weather department, which accounts for why we spent so much of it outside. In between soccer and practicing on our bike, there were just ordinary moments of you and Madeleine getting to know one another. 

And just like that, fall is done, maybe not by the calendar, but certainly by the season. Soccer, swimming, apple picking, Halloween, Avengers LIVE!, visits from Auntie, hikes, bikes, and so much more.  Next up, Thanksgiving. 

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