08 February 2015

Home stretch.

5 weeks. 32 more days. The home stretch has begun until we welcome our new arrival...your baby sister. Nursery done? Check. Sibling class done? Check. Tiny baby girl clothes washed and put away? Check. Hospital bag packed? Check. Boxes of diapers and wipes bought? Check. Name picked? Check. For the most part, we are ready.  

We've had an eventful month getting ready. For so long, March seemed very far away...but before you know it, it's right around corner.  And we can't wait to meet her.  You've been so helpful.  You helped set up the nursery...and you love going up every once and awhile to just look around and rearrange things.  And I love how every picture you draw of our family now includes a new little addition.

A few weeks ago, we went to a sibling class at the hospital.  It was an opportunity for you to see and tour the maternity ward, ask questions, and learn all about what it means to be a big brother.  Since we were the only attendees, you got all the one-on-one attention. I was so proud of you! 

Next it was on to the nursery...you were such a big help and I think you're going to be in there a lot...especially since you love to remind us that this used to be your room.

Throughout the past several months, we have amazing support from our friends. Everyone is so excited for your baby sister to arrive and it's been wonderful to feel such love.  At book club last month, our friends surprised us with a lovely shower. Just last week, at work, I was so surprised to find out that a staff meeting was really a baby shower.  How exciting! Not to mention, my work family loves YOU so much, that they included in you in gifties. 

So now we wait...time has flown, and before you know it our little family of three will grow to four. We are ready.

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