08 June 2014

New beginnings.

This is it.  Tomorrow is your first day of preschool.  I know, it's kind of strange to be starting school at the beginning of the summer.  But that's what's happening, and it's happening tomorrow.  June 9th. I'll always remember that date now as your official start of school because it was also the date I graduated High School...in 1995!  But I digress.

This post is short and sweet...the emotions are overwhelming and there is not enough room in this endless page to host the magnitude of feelings that are bursting inside me. 

Today, I overheard you in a conversation with Grammie while she was helping you in the bathroom.  She said to you "What's happening tomorrow?"  You said, "I start my new school.  I'm a little nervous.  But it'll be ok."  You said it so matter of fact.  The notion that you even identified this feeling, voiced it, and then made yourself feel ok about it is mind boggling to me.

So with that I will tell you, you're right.  It WILL be ok. YOU will be ok.  Tomorrow begins something wonderful for you. You'll have your moments, no doubt, but you'll be ok.  You're ready.  It's your time.  I'll try not to cry if you don't!  (Or at least I won't let you see me.)

Good luck, sweet boy.  I'll be thinking about you every second from the moment I drop you off, until the moment I race to pick you up at the end of the day and everything in between.  We can't wait to hear all about it. 

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