23 November 2011

Giving thanks.

On this Thanksgiving eve, I look out the nearby window and see the frosty icing of snow that has blanketed our lawn, house, driveway, trees etc.  I see the nearly covered footprints made by Gabby earlier this morning, when she burst forth from the front door and dove into the giant fluffy piles.  If this dog could talk, she'd no doubt exclaim, Yippeee! as she buries her head and comes up with a snoutful of powder.  

We're all home today.  No work for me--the day before Thanksgiving and a snowstorm hits, so the College closed.  This meant I didn't have to drive myself to Bates or G to daycare, negotiating the snowy back roads, and wondering if I'll survive the commute this winter.  The first thing to be thankful for.

Terry was out earlier, snow blowing the driveway, with the 20+ year old monster we inherited from my dad.  It may be over 20 years old, weighs forty tons (slight exaggeration), but the pristine condition it's been kept in makes it a gem.  The second thing to be thankful for.

Soon we'll hit the grocery store, picking up necessary items to complete our Thanksgiving task--dessert.  I can't wait to get the house smelling of fragrant holiday spices---cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, apples.  Warm, inviting aromas that evoke memories of past delights, while reminding us that we are constantly making new memories, on this day and all the others.  The third thing to be thankful for.

Earlier I received a Happy Thanksgiving text from my sister, who along with her family, are jetting off to Atlanta today for their Thanksgiving.  We exchanged I love yous.  A fourth thing to be thankful for.

Terry, G, and I will be heading an hour south to spend turkey day with my parents.  The moment we walk through the door, our noses will be assaulted by waftings of good things to come. They'll scoop up G, cover him in kisses and squeeze him until he protests.   Grampie will get down on the floor to play with him.  Grammie will have him 'help' her in the kitchen.  He will be surrounded by their delicious warmth and love. A fifth thing to be thankful for.

I gaze upon my little family of three.  Our amazing boy, who I love more and more every day, and his dad, who I see so much of in this kid, that G truly is a mini-T sometimes. We'll be spending the holidays all together this year. Together.  A sixth thing to be thankful for. 

During the day, I'll think about the other things I'm thankful for.  In those quiet moments where reflection might be appropriate, I'll think about the amazing people in my life---the ones who I may have only just met this year but who have already made an impact, the ones who may have reappeared after being away, the ones who I've known for what seems like forever but may just be a few years, and the ones who I don't see often or who are far away but only in miles, and not in thoughts.  A seventh thing to be thankful for.

And while I won't be thinking of work per se, I'll note my gratitude for having this great job at Bates, which has proven to be an amazing place to work.  I'll give thanks for having such a cool boss, who at times seems more like a friend, and for the quirky coworkers who make for good stories. And for G's daycare, which is right across the street. I'm thankful for his provider, who loves him just as much as we do, and for his three little friends there who he looks forward to seeing every day. My eighth and ninth things to be thankful for.

Then I'll think about the fun things to be thankful for--my fuzzy pink robe, our three quirky kitties, the recliner in our living room that is so comfy I never want to leave it, my Bates flip-flops, our sometimes naughty but always lovable dog, a working dryer, a dry basement, bookshelves of amazing unread books to lose myself in this winter, coffee, the way G gives me kisses whenever I ask and all the silly games we play together, Terry's ability to cook AND clean, his calming, supportive nature, and so much more.

On this Thanksgiving, despite whatever challenges may lie ahead, and they always do, I'll remember all these things and more, and continue to be grateful and thankful for all that is in our lives. 

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family, to yours. 

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