17 November 2011

18 month milestone.

The 18 month mark.  A year and a half.  However you say it, it's daunting, surreal, and downright amazing.  We hit it earlier this month, but yesterday had the wellness check up to see just how far G has come along in his short life. 

I had some questions; nothing major, just things I had been wondering about, and things I didn't know if we should start thinking about now to get ready for the future (read: potty training!).

Despite having to sit 25 minutes in the waiting area (something that could drive one slowly insane), G maintained his good nature, and occupied himself by surveying the giant fish tank and climbing up and down on the raised benches. 

Finally, we were called into a room, where he stripped to his diaper and had his stats done.  Drum roll...

Weight:  27.13 lbs. (66th percentile for 18 month old boys)
Height:  32.5 inches long (53rd percentile)
Noggin Circumference: 19.75 inches (a whopping 96th percentile. We knew this kid was smart! His head is growing to fit his super big genius brain)

She checked his eyes, ears, asked a series of questions, and ever the rascal, he sat on the floor, totally amusing himself by opening the drawers to the bed cart and pulling apart the delightful crinkly paper that they line the bed with.  I had no issues, per se, to discuss with her, as I said, just a few questions about things that came to mind since his last appointment.

Once again, she validated his perfection (really, I love this kid so much, I can't help but agree!), was impressed that he has all the teeth he'll get before the dreaded two year molars come around between 2-3 years old, (and can eat an entire apple in 10 minutes, knowing enough to leave the core and seeds alone), and let me know again just how great a job we've done with him.  Of course that part never gets old to hear.

The sad part? That was our last wellness appointment until a year from now.  A year from NOW! When he is 2 1/2 years old.  Here comes the surreal part.  Not to mention, other than the annual flu shot, he's up-to-date on his vaccines until he's ready for kindergarten. Oh my.  Where has time gone?

And yet, I'm still reminded daily of the fact that he's still a baby.  Today, although determined not to do any chores on my day off by myself, I ended up washing all his blankets and a few of his favorite loveys--a task I just can't do when he's awake and needing them.  So when I was up in his room, putting away his clothes, fluffing up his comfy crib, and putting everything away, I was thinking of how he still is snugglish with me at reading time.  How when I hold him, he flings one arm totally around my neck like a hug....he still lays his head on my shoulder. Oh these moments go by too fast. Sure, he's a rascal.  He can be challenging, but he's perfect.  He is sweet, delicious and charming.  And if possible, my love for him continues to grow each and every day. Especially when he gives me this adorable smile.

So happy 18 months, sweet Boo!  I wonder what the next 18 will bring. 

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