30 December 2014


Goodness. This blog has been hibernating since June and what excuse do I have?  Now as the year ticks down to its final minutes, I find myself scrambling to recall and record all that has gone on in those missing months...and there was plenty!  But for now, let's focus on December and all the fun we had! 

The start of the holiday season began a new tradition for us with the Advent Calendar.  Not new to me, certainly, but new to you...each evening I left a little trinket, note, promise, sweet inside the next morning's pocket and after day 2, you got the hang of it and it became the first thing you went to every morning in your sleepy haze.  The first day brought us a tiny Spiderman figure who just fit so perfectly in the pocket.

Next up on the holiday to-do list was our annual trip to the North Pole, via the Boothbay Railway Village.  You wrote your letter to Santa and then we waited patiently (albeit freezing!) for our train's departure.  Once on board, we sat in the plush heated cars and enjoyed the old fashioned ride. Different this year was Santa jumping on board, gathering the letters and spending a few minutes to chat with each kid.

Also new this year was after the train ride, we went up to one of the railway houses and watched a model train, made an ornament and had cookies and cocoa.  It even started to snow a bit, which added to the festivities.

The next day we boarded the Candy Cane Train out of Bath.  This was a first for all of us, and even though we somehow ended up on a car that was less than heated, and without any working bathrooms, it was still a fun, festive ride.

We were disappointed to learn that our annual photo with our buddy and the dogs at the Bath Animal Hospital would not take place because the vet wasn't doing it this year.  After surveying other options, we settled on the Coastal Humane Society's picture with Santa. Hilarity, as usual, ensued for many reasons. I think what astounded us all was how long you boys sat on Santa's lap...when just a mere two years ago, you threw a total fit going anywhere near Santa.  

Soon enough, Christmas Eve was upon us.  It started out with a trip to your doc's office to confirm what you had been complaining out...a double ear infection.  Thank goodness for the quick work of antibiotics because while you were miserable for most of the day, by evening, you were almost back to your normal self.  Soon it was time to put you to bed, but first, you dictated your letter to Santa...and since you thought Santa would have too many cookies, you opted to leave him some pumpkin bread. 

Christmas morning, unlike last year, brought dismal rain and mild temps.  You slept in til nearly 7 am...and we had to actually wake you up, proclaiming that Santa had in fact come! That got you out of bed quickly.  Let the fun begin!

After the excitement of the morning, and Gabs getting her two stuffy gifts, we had breakfast and got ready to head to Grammie and Grampie's.  First item on the agenda was having Grampie read you a classic.

Like it does every year, Christmas came and went...but with each year that goes by, you get more excited, more into the spirit and likewise for Daddy and me, it gets more and more fun.  We had a couple of low key days, post-Christmas, to play, play, play...and then it was back to school for you on Monday.  Tomorrow is New Year's Eve...and 2015 will soon be upon us...we have so much to look forward to.  It's been a good year.

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