24 April 2014

Easter Weekend.

There are some weekends that go by too fast, with too little time spent with each other, and are consumed with chores and drudgery.  And then there are weekends that are almost all fun and go by at a snail's clip and feel like the best weekends ever.  That's how Easter weekend felt for me.  (Of course it's now several days beyond but better late then never!)

Saturday was the first day in a long time that felt like Spring really was going to make an appearance. We spent the morning at our friend Eamonn's birthday party.  It was one of the cleverest themes...woodland creatures...complete with a tent, a cardboard fire, and various artistic trees.  Props to my friend Susan for pulling off such a creative idea.  Oh, Garrett...since you only knew Eamonn, you took your sweet time warming up to the group.  Before long, you mingled in and were having a blast with the others.

After cupcakes and crafts, we all sat around the 'campfire' while E's dad read two favorite bear stories.  Then it was time for presents and more balloon smacking.  It was so fun! And also pretty much guaranteed that you would have a sweet afternoon nap. We will skip over the epic bunny cake fail that happened while you were napping...

Since it was Easter eve, we had many eggs to color. You did a much better job this year and got the hang of gently holding the egg spoon while mixing colors. So fun!

That night, we went into town for Gelato (Easter inspired theme flavors, of course) and had to stop at the waterfall bridge to take some photos.  With all the melting this last month, the falls were amazing and it was a lovely spot to enjoy.

Since it was Saturday night, it was, of course, family movie night.  We opted for Monsters, Inc. Then it was time to compile your Easter basket.  Too bad you forgot to leave the E.B. a snack.  He forgave you in the note he left on Easter morning.

Easter morning you were up pretty early,as usual and marveled at your basket. 

The E.B. hid some plastic eggs throughout the house, which you had no problem finding and opening the treasures that sat inside. Soon enough though, it was time to get dressed. You were pretty adorable in your Easter finery.  Seriously kid, model much?

Easter selfies! And naturally, a little baseball.

Then came brunch at the Sea Dog.  Seriously yummy.  You tried shrimp...didn't like it (not that I blame you).  You tried lamb. "Tastes like beef!" I love your foodie adventurous side!

Once finished and in a proper food coma, we went back home to put you to bed and enjoy the sunshine. While you napped, I hid the real eggs we colored all over the backyard.  You had such a blast finding them when you woke up!

The afternoon stretched leisurely into early evening.  Quite appropriately, we watched "Hop" again, although you didn't seem too interested as all you really wanted was some chocolate. Go figure.

So by 8pm on that Sunday night, when usually I'm filled with sadness that the weekend is over, and the slight dread of the looming Monday morning, instead I was pleasantly content.  The day and weekend for that matter had been filled with such fun and leisure, it was, in a word, perfect.

Now here it is, Thursday night, and we just have to get through one more day before the weekend is upon us again...what's our plan for Saturday?  Why, the Circus of course!
I can't wait to see what that day brings...

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