21 February 2013

My Funny Valentine.

Oh boy.  I'm a week late.  But really, isn't every day like Valentine's Day when you have a toddler? The smoochy kisses, the snuggly embraces, the "I love you too, mama", followed by a stuffy or two being thrown at your head and the defiant outward lip with the threat of tears bubbling from glossy eyes and it's a Valentine's kind of day.

This V's day, the sweet baboo received much love from family and friends.  We started the morning opening a couple of puzzles and the classic movie "The Land Before Time" (which has almost usurped the Pooh movie in terms of the number of times it's been watched just in a week) from us, and a very squishable cow from Grammie and Grampie. "This is a cool cow!" he says. (On a side note, I've never seen a kid more deliberate about opening presents.  "Just rip it open already!")

Off to daycare we went, with valentine boxes for our friends.  I think I quite enjoy living vicariously through my child in handing out these special treats.  The rest of the day dragged and I couldn't wait to pick my valentine up after work. Arriving home, there was a big red box addressed to Garrett from his cousins.  

"Is that a present for ME?" he asked almost incredulously. It is! Hooray! Let's open it up.

Well knowing what a huge fan of Pooh bear G is, this box of delights was a big hit.  Pooh stickers, Pooh window clings, Pooh activity book, and the biggest hit of all, a little Pooh ball that was immediately snatched up from the box, hugged, loved, and has joined the prestigious ranks of sleeping in the crib and being taken on car trips.

A quick dinner, and back in the car to meet our friend Marcus for gelato. These two silly's, hyped up on some V's day inspired flavors, offered much amusement.  And look how adorable they are sitting together!

Back home, sugar high slowly crashing, it's time for potty, pjs, and teeth-brushing. As we get cozy together in the rocker for story time, I kiss his forehead and let him know that no matter how big he gets, he'll always be my funny little valentine, my sweetpea. He gives me a hug, a big sloppy kiss, and says "Happy Balentine's Day, Mama, thank you for my puzzles." (his v's are b's at this point) And immediately then, "Where's my new pooh bear?!" Yup. I lose out to Pooh every time.

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