07 October 2012

Vacation 2.0--Pumpkinfest!

Ah, vacation. We've been looking forward to this week for so long now.  The crisp fall days, still warmed by the sun, cool nights.  All things pumpkin and apple.  It's October, and we're all off for the next glorious week--Daddy even had this weekend AND next weekend off too. Soon enough the holiday crazy will begin and we'll be consumed with the busy and harrowing. For now, it's time to enjoy this season. 

Friday night, you stayed for the second time, over night at Grammie and Grampie's.  We went down to collect you yesterday, hearing about your shenanigans, yet relieved that you didn't seem to miss us too much, if at all. That wasn't the case on our end, that's for sure. I can't get used to the quiet of a silent monitor, not hearing your little voice come crackling through.  

Today brought a most lovely fall day, unexpected given the earlier forecast for a washout. One of our favorite Maine villages was having a pumpkin festival and so off we went! First stop, breakfast at the always magnificent, Salt Bay Cafe. Main Street was bustling.  Exquisitely carved pumpkins of all shapes and sizes adorned the corners.  The creativity was astounding.  Not to mention, the sheer massive size of these magnificent gourds.  

Of course, a trip to Damariscotta is not complete without a stop at our favorite bookshop.  And I love how much you love to 'read' too.

Eventually, we hit our wall (read: toddler tantrum ignited by fatigue and over-stimulation) and headed home where someone passed out instantly in the car, and then for another 2.5+ hours at home.  I decided Gabs needed an afternoon at the salon--she got indulged at our local Petco with the works, and while we waited, we looked at fishies.

Then finally...nearly three hours later, Gabs emerged looking gorgeous, smelling lovely, and feeling soft and delicious.  She deserved her day.  

And after all thaaaaaat, I made a pretty scrumptious dinner of aromatic baked chicken, buttery roasted golden potatoes, favorite green beans...and apple fritters for dessert.  Really, I just wanted to get through dinner so I could get to THESE:

Pretty great weekend, and an exciting week planned ahead.  Tomorrow? Pumpkinland! Let the adventures begin!

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