16 July 2012

Summertime...and the living is easy (and hot!)

A month ago we were wondering if the sun would ever come out and now we’ve been having multiple days of high 80s, low 90s.  Be careful what we wish for! We started our official summer vacation by going to Bar Harbor for a few days, which was awesome. Last week, daycare was on vacation, which meant so were we.

In these busiest of times, sometimes it's ok to just stay in and get creative.  We’re armed with a plethora of indoor activities (playdoh, painting, coloring) and while it’s not fun to be stuck inside on a lovely summer day, sometimes the occasion calls for such.  Like a couple Saturday ago, when T was working and the day started out cloudy, drizzly and not so beachy.  Boo and I got silly.  

First we looked at some pictures.

 Then he made some calls.

Then we sat down for some serious painting.

Next it was on to playdoh.  

We've gotten very interested in our potty. Just sort of getting familiar with it. 

The sun came out and it was time for some water table play!

Our next favorite activity is sprinting away from Mama...

...and then wanting help getting back up the hill.

Playtime isn't complete without Gabs investigating the scene...and taking a drink.

 Even though it was so hot, we still baked.  Fresh blueberry and strawberry crisp. YUM!

A hard day's play makes for a weary Boo.

Next up...Sunday Funday! Not feeling like driving to Popham, we head to White's Campground which is a local spot, with a warmish pond to swim.  We met up with our buddy, A and his mama.  Nice spot, but having grown up almost exclusively in ocean water, the teeny silvery fishes grazing my ankles still freak me out.  As do the inch long leeches.  Gross.  G didn't mind tho. He was ready!




Hot days mean lots of time just in the diap.  


On Wednesday, we spent a glorious day at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Such a favorite spot and truly something for everyone.  The children's garden is a spectacular buffet of colors, textures, and sounds.  It's impossible to ever get enough of this spot. 

Thursday brought another hot, delicious day, where Boo and I trekked down to Falmouth and visited Mackworth Island to meet Auntie and the cousins.  Mackworth is a place I've wanted to visit for years, and now having been, I can't believe I waited so long.  Definitely another must for another time.

Yep, there'll all related.

Nothing says summer like some tractor time!


Friday brought...Storyland! (most of the pics were lost but here are just a few) Resting before the fun begins!  And suffice to say, the kid had a blast. 


 My sister and I were talking about how lucky feel we feel to live near the ocean and that really, we just couldn't have it any other way.  On hot days, when the beach is just a short drive away, I'm so thrilled that you are growing up oceanside.  There's nothing like it.

Sunday mornings are meant for trips to Lowes...  

...and the so many other things that we do to make our days special.  Trips to the Gelato Fiasco, where you eagerly share the sweet concoctions with us...cooling off at the Bowdoin Museum of Art while taking in a little culture at the same time ...special two year old photographs, taken by exquisite artist and friend, Brianne Hasty, to capture this very remarkable time of your (and our) life...play dates with your buds, tearing through the yard in just your diaper while you dodge the sprinkler, and endless watching of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Winnie the Pooh.  

What's next?

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