26 April 2012

Favorite things: Part 2

As the 2 year mark hovers closer, I find myself adding to the list of favorite things about you, G, that I started at 17 months.  With growth comes your larger-than-life personality, new antics, new challenges (read: frustrations!) and new endearments. And so it continues…

30. I love how every night on the commute home, in the exact same spot, you make a monkey sound. And I say, “Is there a monkey in the back seat?” And then you say “ribbit!” “Is there a frog in the backseat?” And so forth, until we’ve nearly exhausted the animal kingdom (although I don’t know why you always whisper “baaa” for a sheep.  Sheep are noisy!).  My favorite is your lion’s roar.

31. On same commute—you look for and question if we’ll see the “boons” that are right around the “corner”.  There’s a car dealership that frequently has all colored balloons tied to the cars, and the anticipation on your face at seeing these boons is pure joy.

32. I love when I ask “who were your friends today?” already knowing the answer, your face spreads into a giant grin and shyly you say “Berdo” (Bernardo) and “Car!” (Carson).

33. I love how on the morning ride in, we listen to music, and I catch you nodding your head to the beat and making Pooh and Giraffe dance.  Then you crack up when you see that I’ve seen you.  

34. I love that you build towers of cream when we’re waiting for our breakfast.  

 35. I love that you cannot wait for Daddy to get home and even though you ask me incessantly, “Dada? Dada? Dada? DADA!?”, you burst into excitement when he comes through the door.  I also love how the two of you snuggle together. 

36.  I love that you’ve never had a pacifier.

37.  I love that you plop yourself in the middle of anywhere to look at a book.

38.  I love that you’re still trying to make friends with the kitties. 

39.  I love this jean jacket on you.  You are going to break SO many hearts.

40. I love when I tell you something new, you say “Oh!”. And I love how you say “Ummmm” when you’re thinking about how to answer.

41.  I love that you eat vegetables with gusto!

42.  I love how you’re telling me when you’ve pooped.  Potty training is right around the corner.

 43.  I love how you say ‘Uh oh’.

44. I love how you crack up when you hear the babies go “wah wah wah” during the Wheels on the Bus cd.

45.  I love that you love the merry-go-round.  My favorite ride too.

46.  I love how much you love the dog and how you share with her. Particularly your food.  

47.  I love you in a pink Cadillac …and a blue one.

48. I love how when I’m trying to be stern with you, you smile and say “Hi!” as if to distract me.  I probably shouldn’t love that, but I do.

49.  I love how every day you say “Bye dad car!” when we pull out of the driveway.

50.  I love our silly bedtime routine rituals.  

51.  I love that Hush Little Baby is still the song that soothes you.

52. I love that you seem to enjoy ketchup just as much as me.  Although I wouldn’t dip my bananas in it like you do.  

53. I love that you tried spicy salsa. And kinda liked it. 

 54. I love that the Bear Snores On series is one of your favorites.  Mine too.

55. I love that even in the most challenging of times (yes, there are many!), when your beautiful blue eyes spill over with enormous crocodile tears, and your lower lip curls over, creating the saddest face (known to us as “The Lip”),you find comfort in Pooh and Giraffe and a snuggle with me or Daddy.  We hate seeing you sad.  

8 days until you’re two.  I’m taking the day off to spend with you.  I can't wait to discover some more favorite things.


  1. I'm blaming post pregnancy hormones for the fact that this post is making me cry :)

  2. Just think of all these things you have to look forward to :)