17 February 2012

It's not cliche. It's just true.

Earlier this week, a young professor out on maternity leave came by my office to show off her adorable 5 week old son.  The babe, nestled comfortably in his momma’s Moby, slept through what we like to call a “goo-goo visit”.  His tiny hand rested comfortably on the fabric, his head tilted to the side, fast asleep as we stared in awe of this little being, so precious and sweet.  

Of course it got me remembering when G was that small (was he ever that small???) and how fast the time in between has gone.  It’s so clich√© when parents of older children tell new parents to enjoy these stages now because before you know it, you’ll be handing over the keys to your car and shipping them off to college.   But it really is true.  I found myself saying to her to enjoy those delicious baby moments because, like they say, it does go by so fast.  Granted, the stage we’re at now is pretty fantastic—there’s a little person who scampers through the house, squealing at the top of his lungs, dunking basketballs, enticing the dog, and dodging mommy-tickles.  So different from a year ago now when he was just on his way to learning how to crawl. 

I recently was looking at some early baby photos of him, marveling at how different he looks now, yet with those same sparkling blue eyes, that cute button nose, and those full, squishable kissable lips.  Our baby is in there somewhere...and he won’t be disappearing anytime soon.
Those early days.
See what I mean? Squishable!
Such a rock star.
No words describe the cuteness.
Head up!
Happy in my swing.
Not so happy in these leaves.
The lean-in

Crawling away...

The early standing up days.

Mrs Bear is my best friend!
Bar Harbor hotel room

Still the rock star.

4th of july weekend.  Not feeling too good

Trying new hairstyles!

Pool time!

My throne.

Messy messy!

Love this freezing cold water

My apple phase.

Too cool for school.

Hmm...this face could mean so much

Put those planks over there!

I can do it!
Funny face.
Still angelic at 20 months.
And now. Present day. 

We've gone from a bad case of cradle cap in the beginning, to spiky peach fuzz, to flowy golden strands.  We've had our first haircut, started to jump and run, and have left those crawling days behind. We throw balls with a force that makes me wonder if there's a future pitcher on our hands, but we still like to cuddle with our stuffies, and Mama and Daddy.  We are fearless in the pool, jumping without aid into our arms, and still have that guttural belly laugh.  In less than three months, he'll be 2.  TWO.  So yeah, it does go by fast.  And when I look at those early days, I wonder at how I never thought I'd forget the way he felt or looked when he was teeny, and yet, I can't seem to remember anything but the present.  He's our marvel.

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  1. TWO YEARS OLD? How is that possible? I remember when you told me pregnancy goes fast and I was rolling my eyes thinking "not fast enough" and yet here I am...almost at the end!
    <3 Liz