03 January 2012

A Year in Review.

2011, what a year with you, our sweet little dear
You learned to crawl, you mastered the walk,
and more everyday you're trying to talk.

You got your first haircut, you've tried many foods,
Our love for you keeps growing, even in cranky moods.

You love the freezing Atlantic, you adore the Maine beach,
You loved chasing seagulls that were just out of reach.

After walking you discovered how to charge, how to run,
and Mama slathered on sunblock to protect that fair skin from the sun.

You've learned how to play and had many playdates,
You're a hit with my coworkers here at work, at Bates.
(and don't forget the cuties at daycare who are your playmates!)

You've got a best friend and he's the bear Pooh,
I wonder, when you're 20, will we still call you Boo?

Pooh and Giraffe are your two favorite loveys,
tho the nest of your crib is overflowing with stuffies.

Now don't forget the one, the only, the great Mrs. Bear,
who's giant bear paw you like to rub on your hair.

We've done some fun travel; Camden, Bar Harbor, Ogunquit to name just a bunch,
On a side note, I'm always amazed at what daycare tells me you've eaten for lunch!

We've hit the museums; gone on some great hikes,
Love watching you 'drive' your red Cozy Coupe by Little Tikes.

You've gone from spiked peach fuzz to long golden strands,
If only I could get you to stop tasting your crayons.

You love looking at books, we've got some great reads,
Including ones that help you learn head, shoulders, and knees.

You're smart as a whip, that much we already know,
You have no fear of heights, water, the dark or the snow!

You climb like a monkey; couches, stairs, and toy chests,
You launch onto Daddy without a break or a rest.

You've got another pal in Gabby the pooch,
Who's most favorite thing is to give you a smooch.

The kitties, they are not really your fans,
Except maybe Winston the Manx, from the Isle of Man.

This year was full of events, both strange and of new,
To recap all would take time so here are just a few.

There were earthquakes and tsunamis, revolutions and scandals,
Royal weddings, 'celebrity' trials and vigils with candles.

Sheen's tiger blood caused a stir as did his 'winning',
We learned that the Terminator and his housekeeper were sinning.

Whitey Bulger was captured after years on the run,
Kim Jong Il and Gadhafi both dead, as is Bin Laden.

It was a year to mark the end of an era,
Am I talking Oprah Winfrey or the space shuttles of NASA?

The Oscar went for the speech of a king,
and we lost some folks who could act, invent, and sing.

Taylor, Jobs, and Winehouse were some who have died,
and then Mr. Rooney, who, although crotchety, had a great ride.

The S&P gave a downgrade, Herman Cain had his nines,
There was Occupy Wall Street; protesters, tents, and signs.

There were championships and scandals that rocked well-known schools,
UConn Huskies won March Madness and your mom won the pool! :)

Yes, Boo, it's been quite a year; ups, downs, good and bad times,
Bring on 2012 and the end of my rhymes.

Here's to another fun year with the sweet, delicious Boo,
I'm not sure we can take another with endless watchings of Pooh.

Happy New Year!

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