06 August 2011

Just an ordinary Saturday.

G and I had such a fun day together. It's days like this that *almost* make being apart from him all day during the week ok. So for this entry, the pictures will tell the story.
I like to start my morning with cheerios and a puzzle.

Then I went a little crazy.

And I catch mommy watching me go a little crazy.

I am soothed by the presence of Elmo on Sesame Street.

We went to the library today. Of all the books, I choose Moo Baa La La La...my fave at home.

Interested in everything around me.

I made a friend.

Next I checked out the book rack.

Then I explored all the buckets of goodies

Then I just...explored.

Then I played with this thing, still holding onto my friend.

And then I found this comfy chair to sit in.

Then onto the trains!

Then I did a puzzle.

Ahh back to my friend.

Can I take him home, Mama?
Time for lunch. I had ravioli and sauce.

ALOT of sauce.

Looks like I had a pretty good day too.
After a dip in the pool and a nap, I'm refreshed and enjoying quality time with Mama.

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