12 July 2011

Summer Fun, it's finally happening at our household.

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend, the holiday weekend, I was holed up inside with a feverish, lethargic child, and my own spotted, itchy self, thinking we'd never get back to normal again and that summer was doomed.  However, recovery is an amazing tool, and we made up for it this weekend in spades.

There's something utterly delightful when I pick up G from dc on Friday afternoons, knowing that for the next two days, the world is ours to explore.  This is made even more precious by the fact that he is officially a walking maniac.  While he was a very proficient and speedy crawler, he has discovered that those adorable little legs can also move pretty darn quickly when vertical.  Of course, he still has the wide-legged stance, and arms flailed out to each side for balance, but in a short time, he has definitely become the master.  Boundless energy.  He has also realized that walking is MUCH more fun than bedtime, no matter how exhausted he is. I can always tell when he's running out of steam, because he starts to teeter and get very silly. 


This week felt like he was reintroducing and reacquainting himself with all his toys. Like he understood that while he was sick, he wanted nothing to do with then, but on Thursday and Friday nights, he insisted on touching, literally, every single one of them. Taking them off the shelves, out of the toy box, strewn all over the floor. We affectionately refer to this behavior as "Destruction Junction". 

Saturday came and he was up early.  Which means Mama was up early. He has not yet discovered the wonder of sleeping in on a weekend, though maybe he's just more like me and is strictly a morning person.  Downstairs we go, giving Gabby our good morning pets, and then it's play play play! Daddy got up early too and we decide its off to breakfast we go.  There are few things I enjoy more than weekend breakfasts out with my guys.  We got a local jaunt, The Boot and Buckle Cafe, and order G his little "Buckaroo" breakfast. Unfortunately,  T was off to work shortly after, which left me wondering how to spend the rest of this gorgeous day with G?  No shortage of ideas, so much to explore. In the end, we did one of my favorite, simple, don't-have-to-drive-too-far activities, which is to stroll around the Bowdoin College campus.  We are so fortunate to live in a town that has not only a delightful Main Street area, but one with such a lush, gorgeous campus as Bowdoin.   It's the perfect size; the walkways are dotted with healthy vibrant trees, and the grass is picture-perfect green.  First stop, Cote's ice cream shack and off we go to stake out the perfect grassy spot.

G got his first taste of the creamy chocolate confection, which naturally dribbled onto his chin.  Then it was off to explore! Prickly blades of grass, crunchy leaves, smooth stones, crumbly dirt...the quiet serenity of a vacant campus in the summer makes for, quite simply, the perfect afternoon get-away.  Soon enough, we're heading back to the car, through the bustling Main Street, weaving between the crowded lines at the variety of food vendors lining the sidewalks.  

On Sunday, with all of us home, and another gorgeous day on tap, we decide to breakfast out again (twice in the same weekend!), this time heading to our other favorite spot, The Fairgound Cafe.  Boo was in a, as Grampie would say, 'rascalia' type of mood.  Perched in the high-chair like a king on this throne, he delighted nearby patrons with his grins and giggles, expertly shoving plump blueberries in his mouth, while swiveling around to check out the folks behind him.  Sly devil that he is, he managed to get frisky with the waitress.  She didn't mind, and told him he was the cutest thing to come into the restaurant that day. I swear if he knew what winking was, I think he would have done so.

After breakfast, it was off to Bradbury Mountain State Park in nearby Pownal.  Love this place because not only does it have a lovely area for kids to play, but the easy trails are great for  short hike.  We settled on the lawn, brought G to the swings, then let him romp around with Gabby in the grass.  He loves that crazy red ball and has mastered lifting it over his head while walking his wobbly gait.

After the hike, we headed into Freeport.  A new toy store caught our eye, and up we went to explore.  Island Treasure Toys is a visual feast for kids and adults alike.  They had everything! Boo liked trying his hand at pushing a grocery cart all over the store, before discovering a fun train set that was tucked away in the back.  This store will be awesome as he grows up and gains interests in all different kinds of things.  After the toy shop, it was off to LL Bean since T had a gift card he wanted to use. It was pushing early to mid afternoon, and we had gone the entire day still without a nap. It was time to head home. I think G was asleep before T even put him in his crib, and then of course what better way to while away an afternoon while the babe sleeps then take a nap ourselves?  I managed to snag the recliner (two weeks later, this recliner is still the best thing ever), stretched out, and delighted in a two hour snooze.  That's what summer and Sunday afternoons are for, right?  

Soon enough, it was time to think about dinner, then prep ourselves for the week ahead.  Why do the best weekends always go by so fast?  I guess if they didn't, then we wouldn't have as much to look forward to.  That said, I'm already counting down the days until the next one.

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