24 June 2011

Ours is a judgment free zone.

So this week has been a trying one.  All three of us have been sick. It started when I picked up G last Friday from daycare, and received a not-so-glowing report as to how G's day had been.  This is unusual because normally it's quite the opposite and I can hardly get him to want to come home.  He had been feeling out of sorts, with a runny nose and this time, had some lovely discharge coming from his eyes.  Couldn't get an appointment on Friday night, so first thing Saturday morning, in we go.  Double ear infection.  The bane of a mommy's existence I think.  But, fortunately, once he is put on the antibiotic, he is back to his old self, and you'd never know there was an issue.  

Then came Sunday, Father's Day, and we spent it in Ogunquit. For some reason that day, my left eye would NOT stop tearing. It was like I was constantly crying out of that eye. I chalked it up to allergies, because the pollen had been so bad.  One glance at the filmy yellow goop on my car is enough to know that we've had a bad allergy season so far. Monday came and I started feeling more and more congested, the eye still tearing, now becoming a scary Halloweenish red.  Like those fake eyeballs you can get in a costume shop, where you can  see all the vessels.  Lovely.  Meanwhile, Terry hadn't been feeling good either, stuffy, sore throat, etc.  Would this ever end?  

By now, it's Tuesday, and while my left eye cleared up, it began to share with my right eye. Wednesday was a miserable day at work, constantly tearing, painful stinging, clogged nostrils, and not quite a sore throat, but that feeling as if a muscle had been pulled in my throat.  I managed to get an evening appointment at the doc confirming what I had been in denial about---sinus related conjunctivitis.  Awesome.  Even more awesome was the fact that I couldn't pick up my prescription until Thursday morning because of the inconvenient hours of my pharmacy.  

Here's the thing tho. What I love about the age that G is at now is that he is totally without judgment. On Wednesday, I was feeling my worst; my eyes were bloodshot and teary; my face was dry, red and splotchy.  And here was this happy little boy who still wanted to hug me, who still wanted to play with me, and who still would hurl himself at me in a fit of giggles while testing the sturdiness of those adorable little legs.  He gives me that gap-toothed grin, the rascal tilt of his head, and melts my heart.  He can't say it yet, but I know he loves me. 

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